I consider myself to be a man with many aspirations in life, with a great desire to enjoy life healthily, learn, know and live. hand in hand with peace, love and freedom.   I am a Venezuelan that due to the circumstances that the daily situation in our land we have lived, I have learned to be an entrepreneur, with self-confidence, a lot of achievement orientation. Assumption of risks. Expectation of control. Frustration tolerance. Commercial orientation. Everything has an ORIGIN

Hi, I'm Nico, a young Venezuelan entrepreneur eager to continue fighting to have the same aspirations as any human being on this earth, to be happy, grateful, to fight to achieve SUCCESS, financial freedom and emotional stability. Single, I help my Venezuelan family, I wish to be able to get a person pure of heart and feelings. That you love me, support me, take care of me, respect me and understand me. If you wait and want to know more about me, you just have to write to me privately. as simple as that. THANKS Absolute Joy In The Gardens Of Our Planet
Seeing, Studying, Analyzing, Learning From Plants, makes us think that we definitely ALL have the CAPACITY to Grow. It all depends on the daily watering you give to your thoughts, and what nutrients strengthen or destroy it. I love nature, I think that no landscape on this planet could compare. I am a collector of all kinds of plants. Socialize, Communicate, Express, React, Demonstrate
Since My Adolescence, I have Learned, so that others can understand, learn, accept the wonders that we can do with our hearts and minds together. we must share it, transmit it, show it. Being an excellent COMMUNICATOR makes life easier for us. and avoid suffering along the way. Conventions, Seminars, Schools, Workshops, Emotional, Personal, Professional Improvement Courses. They help any type of person to see the sun every day of their life, like this the sky be gray. I've Learned to Be an Optimistic Independent Business Owner and Networker. POWER is in our MINDPOWER is in our MIND
The Great Law of ATTRACTION has helped me a lot to attract many blessings in my life. That includes, Much Love, Much Peace, Much Health, Much Strength, Prosperity, Fullness, Much Much Much JOY. And I share with you my only Secret is that. the great power is in our mind, from there our greatness is born. and the cushion that you see me holding is the MJOLNIR great HAMMER of Thor, Son of ODIN, Father of All. I am a huge fan of the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. I have always believed that we can become Great as the Super Heroes of the COMICS, the POWER is within us. we must learn to wake it up.


Age 28
Gender Male
Sexual Preference Gay
Country Spain
City Merida
Marital Status Single
Smokes ---
Drinks ---
Languages Spoken Spanish


Height 170
Hair Color Brown
Hair Length Medium
Eye Color Blue
Ethnicity Latino
Body Type ---
Body Hair Hairy
Facial Hair ---
Male Type Bear
Penis Size Average
Tattoos No
Piercings No

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